Monday, March 27, 2006

Twice the Witz

A couple posts earlier Witz gave you, the probably bored, still skeptical reader, a brief introduction to who he is and how he was born into the world to pick(z?). Well four years after (J)Witz came (S)Witz (that's me, but I'm gonna keep spontaneously using the third person). Forced into the brutal world of my brother, nerf wars, and hand hockey, I too learned to pick what was cool (whip, never "beans!") and what to avoid in order to survive: see also, things that could potentially kill me (toy bricks), ruin my reputation forever (pogs), or scar me for life (that creepy scarecrow doll from the wizard of oz my parents had to hide in my closet). I decided to post for those kids who maybe went with the velcro sneakers, or brought their tamagotchi pets to soccer practice to make sure THIS time they didn't die. We all make bad decisions, but you don't have to keep eating chunky peanut butter over smooth. Take OUR pickz. We made forts.
This Witz will pick,

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