Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes On A Plane: A Conversation

The following is a conversation my friend and I had about Snakes On A Plane earlier today-- the film which I raved about in a previous pick.

EJ: Snakes on a plane this week end?
me: i've been turned off of it by the hype
EJ: The movie is only hype
me: yeah
EJ: it's like blair witch
me: exactly
EJ: there is no way it can be good
me: it can't possibly be good
EJ: But I think the point is that it has gottne so much hype for what is obviously going to be an awful movie
it's fantabulous
like clell tickle
me: yeah
i just dont wanna give them my money
do what i'm expected to do
EJ: Maybe, but this hasn't been engineered by some movie marketing wonk who crafted the ultimate evil plan to get people to attend a bad movie
it's an obviously bad movie with a great title that captured people's attention because of how inane the movie and title are
and then people like you blogged about it
spreading the fire
creating the fire
me: hahah, well, actually, it kinda was created to be a bad movie that sold--
they took a bad script and pitched it to sammy jackson, wo said, "this is so bad I'll do it!" and the whole marketing is making fun of itself
EJ: I heard he did it just for the title, and never read the script
see - blogosphere in action - what happened - who knows
me: the thing is, even if it didn't start out that way, the marketing grasped ONTO the buzz and started marketing itself as a bad movie, which is NOW why I don't wanna see it
EJ: it's unknowable
me: my problem is how they are now marketing it as "only one moive this summer has snakes...ON A PLANE"
because they realize that it's cool now
EJ: It's genius!
me: it's too self-aware for me
EJ: It's so bad it's good - You're jaded
me: hahaha
me: i'm poor and need excuses not to see movies
EJ: You're upset with a movie for being "too self-aware"
that is the most esoteric reason for not seeing a movie i've ever heard
me: not the movie, the advertising
EJ: YOU"RE too self aware sir
me: ok, perfect example: AVP
EJ: Yeah, i hear where you are coming from you in your counter-culture way. whereas I would applaud a marketer for understanding their market
you would say he is selling out?
me: ridiculous movie, terrible plot-- but poeple loved it and went to see it because it took itself seriously but they went to make fun of it because it was so bad
aliens vs. predator
me: if they had made fun of themselves, it wouldn't have been as fun to go see it
EJ: So you're saying the marketing took away the ability to make fun of it?
me: YES
EJ: So now it's just a bad movie you can't make fun of?
me: the ability to enjoy it for it's badness has been undermined by the producer's knowledge and marketing application of said badness
EJ: That's a good point
me: now it's just a bad movie that knows it's bad but still wants you to go
EJ: Yeah
those fuckers
Im not going to go see it either
me: hahahaha
EJ: Unless I see it alamo draft house and they serve snake as a meal...
that'd be good
because I hate snakes
me: Probably even more so on a plane
Fuck, now I kinda wanna see it.


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Brodie said...

After all the hype and the anticipation of this movie that is full of rumors i found that i just had to include it into my summer viewing repetoire. So this Friday night i travelled to hartford, the city of ghetto pride and unsafe streets for children, to go see this so-called masterpiece of wonder and curiosity that actually forces us to ask ourself: what IF someone actually did put snakes on a plane?
The lights went down and the previews came on, and there were so many to the point of boredom and the anticipation began to die down. But then the film began, and it's simple opening of Samuel L. Jackson followed by Snakes On a Plane was just amazing...not to mention that the film began like a cheap episode of baywatch hawaii. For what it's worth though, the movie had more substance than i expected...although comparing it to AVP is the best you can get and the only difference would be more dialogue and some brief scenes of nudity (not to mention Keenan AND Samuel L. in the same film). There are plenty of moments filled with ooo and aaaaaah as the snakes attack passengers and people freak out (note: a great movie to make the girl next to you jump on your arm), but it actually has a plot. My only hint as to that plot will be that it is like a mini episode of 24 minus Jack Bauer and foreign terrorists. So I say give it a shot, at least on DVD, because the film is worthwhile because you can cheer throughout it all.