Thursday, August 30, 2007

Witz Pickz: A Day Off

Sorry for the no pick today, but I got about 3 real hours of sleep last night and have been completely out of it all day. Usually this helps the writing, but now it's past time when you folks work, so no post today. Think of it as a day of reflection, of a rest period. Has your neck been sore from reading? Massage it. Imagine those are the hands of Witz Pickz masseusing away your pains-- unless that is creepy for you, in which case, imagine the hands of some other blogger doing it. Not a celebrity, mind you, a blogger. Perhaps you've always imagined the hands of Bill Simmons working away your tenseness-- perhaps Ariana Huffington. Perhaps simply "Tad" or "Melody" or some other blogger who has piqued your interest and then retreated into the confines of this mysterious world that we call The Internet.

Also, read Everything Bad Is Good For You.

Also, read How To Talk To A Widower

Also, read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

Also, eat tuna fish sandwhiches while you still can (as far as I know, nothing is going to happen to tuna fish sandwhiches, but see how I used my prose-ial wiles to boost suspense and intrigue? Hehehe, yeah, I've still got it.


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