Friday, February 01, 2008

Witz Doesn't Know Who He Pickz: Presidential Candidates

Somebody mentioned to me that I ought to Pick a Presidential Candidate. Now, of course I'd love to throw my support behind someobody and allow them to send out the press release, but as it comes down to the wire, I have no idea who I want to vote for in the Democratic Primary. I guess theoretically I want McCain on the Republican side, but ultimately, for me, it comes down to if I want Hillary or Obama. I've heard a number of debates, I've enjoyed some of what they both have to say and I see strengths and weaknesses for them both. During the CNN debate yesterday, I thought, "Man, I really wish we could have them both in there-- not as Pres/VP, but as Co-Presidents. I realize this is impossible. It's like wanting both the Giants and the Patriots to win the same Super Bowl. It's like wanting Dexter Season Two to end with Dexter getting caught, but not wanting the show to end. It's like wanting Manny AND Ortiz at the plate in the clutch. It's like wanting there to be an NHL, but not actually paying any attention to it-- no wait, it's not like that one. It's like wanting both actresses to play Becky on Roseanne. There. It's like that.

But since that won't happen, I have to choose one. Either way, I feel like somebody loses in the "first president of ____" race, filling in the blank with either "color" or "vaginas," although grammatically, I bet that award goes to Bill. And speaking of Bill, what about my wanting Him back in the white house? As First Gentleman. That sounds like a movie starring Martin Lawrence, and yet I kind of want it to happen.

I have to reach back to college to remember that I was pulling for Obama to make a move in '04 and to remember that while we were all saying, '12 for him, '08 is on it's way and he is in the running. Maybe this IS the change that we all need, the JKF comparisons, etc. etc. But then why am I hung up on Hillary? I thought about this for a while and FINALLY realized why Hillary has a hold over me. CHECK THIS OUT:


My favorite fictional President of all time (sorry "Dave") looks exactly like one of the candidates! No wonder I have an inexplicable connection feeling with Hillary. I've watched her on tv for 7 seasons and already know that "she" would make a great president. It's going to be tough to shirk this mental lie, but I'm going to have to do it. ALSO, this re-raises my question of "Why Can't Jed Bartlett be President For Real?" I understand that Martin Sheen is an actor as are everyone else from the West Wing, and that situations are written and manipulated, but the problems are still creatively solved, right? I mean, Get Martin in the white house, stack the cabinet with Aaron Sorkin, Brad Whitford, et al, and utilize everyone's mind to solve problems and get things done. Martin Sheen is nothing if not a great actor who can capture our hearts and if he can act intelligent as his character, than who cares? George Bush didn't even bother with that part, so it'd be a step up.

The Candidates Are Stumping ME,

PS. Note that there's ANOTHER short post before this one!

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sheen's going to have tough competition in the fictional primary with these guys running: