Thursday, January 31, 2008

Witz Pickz: Lost Returns and Other News

The over-extended, oft frustrating, vaguely enjoyable and yet hugely addicting show Lost comes back on tonight for a new season. I'm not sure how I feel about it, since there is a really good chance that they won't be able to have a full season due to the WGA strike. They haven't had a legit full season it feels like in a while, and the last time they ran a short season it was HORRIBLE. I don't know what they have planned, but a short season will only be made worse by the fact that I am more Lost than ever. I don't know about you (people who watch), but I don't remember what the hell is going on AT ALL. They're on an island. Time travel may or may not have taken place. Charlie may or may not be dead? Is that it? I can't remember anything else, and I don't really remember how those parts fit together. So they're gonna have a lot of work on their hands trying to remind everyone what the hell is up and then present a shortened season for us to watch. It's almost predestined to suck, but I'll be there watching.

On the House front, House appears to be back for a few episodes (four I believe). I'm psyched because unlike FNL, Lost, and other extended plot related shows, House can be viewed independently and fully loved and appreciated. I taped the first episode and am psyched to see it.

Which reminds me: I'm a little tired of hearing this-- "Oh man, I want to watch two shows at the same time, but I don't have TiVo!" or "God, I wish I had TiVo, the _____ is on at 8pm, but I have to go to this thing!" Geez, if only there was a device OTHER than a DVR that could record television while you were watching television or that you could program to have record later. Maybe they invented something like this back in the 80's? Is it called a Beta Max Player? No, that doesn't sound quite right...what's it? OH! It's a freakin' VCR. With VHS tapes. Which is like FIVE FRIGGEN DOLLARS AT EVERY GOODWILL OR SALVATION ARMY. I actually held onto my VCR even after DVD's got big for this very reason. And when people tell me they need to record five things at the same exact time and only DVR can do it, I say that they're right, but maybe they don't actually need to watch all of that prime time television. OR you can go online and get most shows these days. Check these links out:



Dirt: (on DVD and those links)
Starring Courtney Cox as gossip magazine editor slash actress desperate to escape her role on Friends, I can't get a grasp on if this show is actually good or pretty horrendous, but with some good aspects. The magazine aspect is not particularly interesting and they hit on just about every cliche out there. It's tough to like them even when you're supposed to because they are ruining people's lives (even though you have to realize that these people PLACE themselves in a position to get their lives ruined, but still), and while the information and Hollywood/Magazine dynamic is interesting and well done at times in the show, the characters are not particularly likeable or enjoyable. One of the major plotlines is boring as all hell and I was shocked that it was still around at the end of the season.

The one positive aspect of the show (and the one that got me to continue watching) is the character of Don Konkey, a schizophrenic photographer who grew up with Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox). He is a great photographer and knows a cover shot when he sees one. He understands that a photo is just a photo without a story-- and he finds the stories with his camera. He also sees dead people, manifests his past, and loves cats. He wears a hat all the time and he speaks a bit like I imagine Lenny spoke in Of Mice and Men. All these details make him interesting and appealing, and the acting is really really good. Definitely check this out on your Netflix or Blockbuster Online or some other free form, and let me know what you think.

HU$TLE: Just an update-- season three is just as good as the first two seasons. All 3 seasons are just 4 DVD's and the writing is really good and the characters enjoyable. It's often predictable, but they keep you guessing and mix up the formula quite a bit.

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