Friday, November 16, 2007

Witz Pickz: Job Interviews and Withholding Pickz

Job interviews trump pickz today. I'll leave you with this:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Has been upgraded in my mind from my once disliking and distrusting of it to an absolutely freaking hilarious show. I'm sure you know this already, buy wow is the third season great. The cast is completely attuned to the rhythm of their dialogue and are hitting their lines perfectly, and the chemistry is stronger than it was in the first and second seasons. Danny DeVito is adding more depth and the general writing and plots are keeping up the hilarity. Great stuff-- checkout the first two seasons on DVD and the third currently airing on FX at 10pm on Thursdays (I think).

Friday Nights: Are great. Hangout and watch a movie, go out and party, cuddle up with a bottle of wine and read Witz Pickz, or whatever you want, because it's the weekend. You could even support Friday Night Lights if you feel so inclined. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.

Wish Me Luck (retroactively, as I probably won't read the comments AT the interview),


jon said...

Hey man,
Thanks for playin P-Nut, Alkaline Trio and Fenix Tx last night, those where my requests. Just wanted to say it was the first time I have heard your show and let me just say....awesome!! me and my friends listen to college radio most of the time because the main stream is just too boring these days. I get sick of my own music library sometimes, and its refreshing to hear another music lovers playlist. so keep up the good work!

Witz said...

Hey, thanks Jon-- that's why I do the show. I love introducing new music to people and finding out what other people want to hear and what they're listening to. Thanks for the requests and comments and keep onnnn listenin'.