Friday, June 06, 2008

Witz Pickz: Casual Friday

It's almost shocking that Casual Fridays exist. Don't get me wrong, I love em, but the idea is fairly baffling if you actually think about it-- which I did-- because apparently that's what I do. It just seems odd that there was a discussion at some point and people decided:

"You know, work is horrible."
"Well, how can we remedy the situation?"
"Hm, well, what if one of those days, people dressed like they weren't at work?"
"But still uncomfortably?"
"Most definitely."
"I like it. Now, I'm a bit wary of what the men will wear..."
"Oh, they'll wear the same thing as always, but with jeans."
"Hmm, so CASUAL really means JEANS?"
"Intriguing-- how we feel about tucking in shirts?"
"Oh-- the men will definitely still have to tuck in their shirts. That way they're CASUAL, but still look goofy and uncomfortable."
"I like how that makes them all look like 30-something single Dads."
"Me too!"
"Let Casual Day begin!"
"Wait, but when should we have it?"
"How about Monday so people can ease into the week?"
"How about Wednesday so people get a break in the middle of the week?"
"Nah, how about Friday so that the weekend is so close they can freakin' taste it, and can wear jeans if they don't forget, but still have to wake up early and stay until 5?"
"Excellent-- let us implement it everywhere!"

And as much as I'm a fan of being able to wear jeans (let's be honest here, by Friday I'm pretty much out of dress socks and am not psyched about which pair of pants have "one more good day in em") it's a little shocking that when we only work 5 out of 7 days a week, someone said that it's cool to dress poorly on one of those days. "I'm fine dressing nicely and professionally four days out of the week, but you gotta be fucking kidding me if you think I'm dressing up FIVE days a week while I'm at my place of employment! I mean-- it's FRIDAY!" Still, I'm obviously all for it, even if it means I look like a goofy 70's Dad for 8 hours a week.

My Backup Deodorant:
No secrets between friends, so here's somethin' for ya. Yesterday, I ran out of my normal "go to" deodorant and therefore, I ran out of my comfort zone. Apparently deodorant is important enough for me to wear daily, but not important enough to get me out of the house to buy more, so I took a quick look in my bathroom and found that, yes, I did in fact have a backup bar. It was only today, as I interact in the world, that I realized why it was my BACKUP bar. The freshness is best described as aggressive-- like it's not content just to be there, but feels the need to let everyone else know as well. It's outgoing. If this deodorant were at a party, it would be the guy drinking too much and talking too loudly and making women feel uncomfortable. What I'm trying to say here is that I'm pretty sure I'm making women uncomfortable. I think they think I must have woken up and thought, "Hm..I'd like to smell like gum, toothpaste and sweat today-- oh good, Speed Stick!" The fact that people who are near me might read this before the day is through only makes it all the more awkward. Fortunately, it's Casual Friday, so maybe I can chalk it up to me just feeling VERY casual.

Tick Tock,

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Adrian said...

We can wear shorts and t-shirts to work once.

In fact, it's so casual that one time we thought it'd be fun to have "Suit Friday" in which everyone came in wearing a suit but we didn't tell the boss! He looked like the goofball that day!