Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Photography is maybe the one form of art that everybody thinks they can do and do well. Maybe not everyone brags about it, but you know the kind of people who do, and you know you want to punch them in the face when they start talking about how much they just love taking pictures. Usually these people are ditzy girls who want to be artistic, don't know what composition is, and, though unrelated, still don't know that the apostrophe in their graduating class year comes before the two numbers. My point is....nothing I have stated thus far.

Let's move on to my pick: Diane Arbus, an amazing photographer whose work is both creepy and fascinating. Known for her strange subject choices, she captures the bizarre in seemingly ordinary situations. Basically she photographs freaks for a living. While that may sound ridiculously wrong and possibly unethical, Arbus' photos are a brilliant excuse to stare at midgets and transvetites in socially acceptable circumstances. She dares to look through her lens and into the eyes of the abnormal, turning unusual scenes into artwork with an often elusive quality that makes you want to know more. Now, despite my lack of humor in this post (apologies abound), you should go find out what a Jewish Giant looks like for yourself. Click my very least because that rhymes. It'll tug on your heartstrings, or freak you out, or maybe make you giggle and redeem this post.