Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Witz DOESN'T Pick: This Song Lyric

I couldn't help but make this brief post as I was listening to the new album by The Decemberists entitled "The Crane Wife" and was thoroughly enjoying it, when suddenly I came upon this lyric:

"When we arrive
Sons & daughters
We'll make our homes on the water
We'll build our walls aluminum
We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon now"

WHAAAT? They did NOT just say what I think they said! Then it came again,

When we arrive
Sons and daughters
We'll make our homes on the water
We'll build our walls aluminum
(Sons and daughters)
We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon
(We'll make our homes on the water)
We'll make our homes on the water
(When we build our walls of aluminum)
(We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon)

I SCREAMED out at the stereo! NO!!! NOOOO!!!! DON'T!!! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME???

It was like The Decemberists read Witz Pickz, perused it, and then spat in my face.


Did I not stress that enough in my Cinnamon Implosion article?? Hooooly crap people.

"We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon?" Maybe I'm missing the point of the song, but unless they're saying, "We'll effing ruin our lives and traumatize our senses" DON'T FILL YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH WITH CINNAMON!

My cautionary tale was meant to spread the word of cinnamon trauma. If The Decemberists put this idea in people's minds, I might as well just give up now. Check out The Crane Wife because it is an enjoyable new album, but my god, please remember not to eat tablespoons of cinnamon.

Witz Is Sick (with worry),


Sarasaur said...

Thank you once again for making me laugh out loud! Will it ease your worry if I tell you I will NEVER fill my mouth with cinnamon? See, you reached at least one wayward soul!

Witz said...

Every step a mountain....or would that just be every step an inclined angle?..otherwise i'd have to have huge legs...would my torso and head be of the equivalent ratio?...If I were huge would I have to say like, "Every step a precipitous tiptoeing in a metropolis?" Thank you for abiding my warning.

Thomas J. Brown said...

I'm dying laughing! Fuckin' Decemberists. And they're so cool otherwise! I knew there had to be a catch...

At any rate, I was present for whole cinnamon debacle (as you may recall), so you needn't worry about me doing it. After seeing all that shit come out of your sinuses, I don't even want cinnamon in my oatmeal cookies.

Lindy said...

Oh Witz I'm afraid that you are becoming the Pat Robinson of the Cinnamon world! But don't worry - us faithful anti-cinnamon followers will continue your quest and spread the story of the horror that is cinnamon.

We believe!