Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Witz Pickz: When A Good iShuffle Comes Together

I have a ton of random crap on my iPod, from hip-hop to punk, to some waaaay emo stuff to some waaay Siberian Surfer stuff. So I don’t put much faith in the shuffle feature. I don’t feel the iPod SHOULD be able to mix all my music, especially when I’ll have full albums on there with only one or two tracks I’d like to listen to individually (as opposed to being alright with as part of a full album). I also don’t need a rap skit about “rolling a Seven-Eleven” falling between M. Ward and The Zambonis. So I don’t put much stock in the shuffle.

Which is why yesterday was so awesome. I decided to give the iPod shuffle feature a shot while driving the last load of boxes and assorted crap out of the apartment we’re leaving. It kicked off with a moody song by Explosions In the Sky and I tensed up for what would come next for my soundtrack. The result was perfect, here’s what I got:

Explosions In the Sky – Six Days At the Bottom of the Ocean

Bright Eyes – Stray Dog Freedom

Beirut – Scenic World

Johnny Cash – The Last Time

Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans

The Minus 5 – All Worn Out

It was at this point that I arrived at my destination. It was obviously a very contemplative trip, but each song flowed perfectly into the next and matched my mood (or my mood decided to match the music) exactly. Here’s what came next, on the ride home:

Rancid – radio

Voice In the Wire – Follow the Trail of the Psyched

The Mountain Goats – Dilaudid

Rufus Wainwright – Sally Ann

It was as if the iPod knew that I had arrived somewhere, changed moods, and was ready for an uplifting ride back—either that, or they legally can’t play more than six slow, possibly depressing songs in a row so that people don’t kill themselves and sue Apple. Either way, the ride back was enjoyable and also clearly faster, and the trip on the whole was an enjoyable experience. So yes—Witz pickz a good unexpected mixz (silent z).

Mmmm Brownie Mix,


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