Friday, January 19, 2007

Witz Discusses: Weeds...again...By Request AND MORE

IrishGal wants to know what I think about Weeds since I enjoy Huff. A dialogue of sorts. So here we go:

I just can't get 100% behind this show. The first season plodded along and while action took place, it just wasn't enticing. I watched it for no apparently reason other than the fact that Mary Louise-Parker has a kind of hypnotic acting style/expression, but even the regularity of that became monotonous after a while. I like the sons a lot and think they provide most of the humor and drive along with the Uncle. Sometimes they'll come up with a great setup situation, but they don't always capitalize on it. I feel like a lot of the situations based around their whole "tiny boxes/and they all look just the same" theme aren't very unique or interesting considering it is a show about SELLING WEED. This was somewhat remedied in season 2 as some more conflict arose (DEA boyfriend), but they still didn't go all in on anything until the season 2 finale. The season 2 finale (and I've heard many people share this sentiment) was the first time I actually GOT INTO the show. When conflict actually occurred on a dramatic scale where bad things that aren't reversible happened and where a little more reality leaked into the ticky-tacky world. It was the first time in the entire series that I've said, "Damn, now I want to watch the next episode." And unfortunately, it was the first time I couldn't. I am looking to season 3 to sway me one way or the other. It's not that it's a bad show, I just feel it hasn't lived up to its potential, and I'm not entirely sure the writers know what that potential is or if they want to live up to it.

The Gun Seller: House wrote a book. Did I tell you this? He wrote a book and it's really good. He wrote it in '96 and it was recently re-published because Hugh Laurie is now HOUSE MD. The book is interesting, fast paced, and laden with Hugh Laurie's lingual enjoyment. Jokes abound, rambling occurs, and puns are had. It is a mystery type novel, but more so it is a fun little adventure of "who's who" that you can tear through in a few days.

President's vs. Presidents' Day:
Is coming up in February. I had a conversation with my friend Matt that went like this:
Matt: Do you get President's Day off?"
Witz: I do.
Matt: Do you get one or two days off?
Witz:...You believe we should get two days off for President's Day?
Matt: My mom said when she was little they got two days off.
Witz: Did your Mom go to school in Ye Old Timey Schoolhouse?
Matt: One for Lincoln, one for Washington.
Witz: That's amazing.
Matt: Yeah.

THEY USED TO GET TWO DAYS OFF! So my question is: When did Presidents' Day turn into President's Day? Did the CIA snag the apostrophe one night and move it over? Did they have a tall guy walk past and swat it backwards as he passed? Did they sublet the job to the Liberians? How'd this go down?

Happy Belated Martin Luther King Juniors' Day,

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IrishGal said...

Sorry I forgot that you already brought up your thoughts on Weeds in another blog...but thanks for the honest open-ended opinion nonetheless.

Hugh Laurie's acceptance speech at this year's Globes was rather humorous. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.