Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Witz Pickz: Deep Dish Pizza, Suspension, and Pibb

For the sake of maintaining my streak and therefore my dedication to actually posting, here's a quick pick: Deep Dish Pizza.

I love deep dish pizza because it means that at some point in Chicago, someone said, "I like pizza, but there needs to be MORE of it." Then someone had to say, "You wanna make it wider?" and the first man, possibly while looking around at all the skyscrapers in the packed city must have replied, "No. Deeper." This could only have registered shock on the other man's face. Deeper. More punch to the inch. They took pizza to the third dimension which has kept its deliciousness going into the fourth dimension.

Deep dish pizza is the only way I can see pizza be referred to as a "pie." More ingredients are contained by the surrounding dough and it creates a jumbled stuffing of taste. Like a pie. So there it is folks, Deep Dish Pizza-- Dee-licious.

Suspension by Robert Westfield: Just finished reading this and I'm not even positive on the author's name, but the book was great. This author's first novel manages to capture a film noir feel inside a Michael Chabon like environment. It's a quick read and deals with how difficult it is to truly remove yourself from the world and your past.

Pibb Xtra: I like Pibb Xtra because the man thinks he can hide the fact taht he doesn't have a degree with the fact that there is more of it. It = caffeine I think. The Xtra can't possibly stand for a degree or else it would just be Dr. Pibb or Julius Pibb, PhD (I like to think Mr. Pibb's first name is Julius or sometimes Samson...Dr. Samson Pibb, PhD). Also, and here's something worth thinking about, we all give Lavernius Pibb crap for not having his degree, but why the hell is Dr. Pepper a Dr? We don't know that he was a science MD. What if he's a podiatrist? We automatically trust the man, but what if he went to 8 years of dental school and then created the soda that is the WORST for your teeth? What if he's a heart surgeon? Great, you can do heart surgery, but why are there prunes in my pop? Or what if it's just like, Political Science PhD. What right did that give Assante Pepper (Dr. Pepper's first name is either Assante or Jackson. Jackson Pepper sounds right) to go ahead and sell us a beverage? This only gives Pibb Xtra more credibility in my mind.

Witz Sticks (to his picking plan),


Cindy Bean said...

Have you tried the Wallingford Pizza House in Wallingford? It's got dome pizzas.

Witz said...

I HAD IT LAST NIGHT! Not the Dome because it wasn't what I required-- I need DEEP DISH-- but it was delicious and fairly inexpensive and it will be lunch today as well. Have you tried that other place that's supposed to be good?