Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Witz Pickz: Mozilla Firefox & The Google Pack

"Witz has gone so fucking corporate."

I can hear it now. The new look. The search bar. The Firefox download link and the Google Pack download bar. Witz has sold out.


Truth of the matter is that Witz has gone way uncorporate. So uncorporate that I needed a well-established corporation to provide me with the assistance necessary, because only they have the resources available for me at a reasonable price.

You see, first there was corporate. Then there was post-corporate, when corporations became horrible beasts and counterculture revolted against them. Now there is post-post-corporate, when disliking major corporations and rebelling against them with our counterculture has actually spawned counter-culture corporations such as Google and Miramax, and MTV1-9 + MTVespanol. These, in turn, have become mainstream cultural corporations. Now, if I've done my job correctly, you will either a) so mind blown or b) so confused by my unlogic that you will simply agree with my thesis and move on. So let us move on.

While I have recently added additions to the website which I hope will increase some revenue without ruining the browsing and reading experience, I ACTUALLY VOUCH AND SUPPORT the products I have added. After using Mozilla Firefox, as millions have by now, I have found it to be absolutely fantastic. Tabbed browsing, tons of plug-ins that allow for awesome features such as FoxyTunes (music player control built into your browser so you don't have to minimize anything-- plus it has a sweet search feature that you can click on the song and search for numerous info on the band/song/album/lyric-- very cool), or IE View (view a page as if it were in IE), or FileGrabber (download YouTube video files for keeps). There are tons of these sweet plug-ins that make browsing easier and appease your OCD cravings, and the whole browser works without tapping into your operating system files that make windows viruses so potent and plentiful. So it's safer AND cooler. Also, Mozilla sounds like a mythical monster, and you want that monster on YOUR side! Plus, I get 1 dollar every time someone follows the link from my page and downloads the free browser.

The Google Pack has all sorts of useful freeware (do we still use "freeware" or did that die with Defender of the Crown?) and plug-ins to make searching better, adware and spyware destroyed, and your computer virus protected. You should definitely check it out. I say "definitely" because not only is it a good product, but I get 2 dollars for every download and install via the site. Clever, huh?

So don't take this as self-profiteering madness/genius, but simply as Witz picking something else that I always would have picked, while actually managing to find a way to profit from it. Because you aren't always the ones who profit from my pickz. It's not all cinnamon and Weeds. Sometimes it's Mozilla Firefox, Google Pack, and post-counter-corporate reverse-guerilla marketing pseudo-hobbies.

"I still think Witz has gone fucking corporate...",


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IrishGal said...

Well, shoot, if I'd known you were selling out, I'd have downloaded Firefox 53 times from your site rather than spend several hours hunting for my checkbook.

BTW, speaking of sweet Firefox plug-ins, I also recommend Sage. It's the RSS feeder that I use to stream news and, of course, WitzPickz.