Friday, March 30, 2007

Witz Pickz: Peanut Butter

A recent comment from A-Money made reference to his distaste for the Sticky Nutter—ok, let’s never use that nickname again…EVER. Peanut Butter. His distaste for Peanut Butter. While I respect his opinion, and while for many peanut butter can cause shock and death, I will tell you why I love it and why I pick it.

Peanut Butter is the glue. It’s the glue of our childhood. Without Peanut Butter we would just be having Jelly sandwhiches. The expression peanut butter n’ jelly would just be “N’ Jelly.” PB&J would just be “&J” and that is not a food, it’s the name of a contestant on American Idol (I am so proud AND disgusted at myself for that reference). What I’m getting at is that PB (and I’m sure Jay-Z would agree) is “so necessary.” It’s a quick fix full of protein to give children and working folks that boost they need. No time for a big lunch? Peanut butter sandwhich. What are you gonna put on that toast to give it some oomph? Peanut butter on toast.

Peanut butter can be heated and put on ice cream (unfathomably delicious). It can be mixed into rice and actually taste good. Thailand and India know all about the deliciousness of the peanut and it’s many sauce-ish capabilities.

Also, G-Dub Carver was THE MAN.

Quick Pickz: Sharpies, compact umbrellas, the Nickolodeon show "Hey Dude", Dexter

That’s all I got. Have a great weekend (with peanut butter)


PS. Possible second pick later today—busy day.


EJ said...

Ever had the fresh peanut butter from whole foods? Flick a switch and the machine grinds peanuts into peanut butter. So delicious.

IrishGal said...

I'm amused by those people that suggest I substitute my PB with "almond butter" as the latter is healthier. Yeah, okay, but...AB&J? That almost looks "A BJ," which just isn't something I should mention in the same sentence as a food product.

A Money said...

First, nobody eats an "&J." As in, mom can I have a jelly sandwich? That's just plain ridiculous.
Second, my childhood was shaped around delicious deli cuts that my mom got for me. Not some grinded nuts that smell disgusting.
Third, I like the props for G-Dub Carver. I wrote a solid report on him in the 4th grade.
Lastly, one of my current roommates shares my distaste for PB. We have almost forced our third roommate to feel guilty when he eats it.