Thursday, April 05, 2007

Witz Pickz: Inadvertent Hilarity in Commercials

Ok-- I know, I've been slacking..BARELY! Get over yourselves! What, you think that just because I now know I have a reader in Tally Ho, Australia that I'm going to feel responsible and write on a daily basis for the rest of my life?? HARDLY.

Now that I've laid down the law and set lower standards, listen to this pick!

There's this one commercial that I'm sure is a national commercial and that everyone has seen. It's the Credit Score commercial. The first one went, "85. Do you know what that is? It's my credit score. Do you know your credit score? Want to? Do you like being inappropriate with small children? I do. Is that wrong? Let's talk," or something like that. Anyway, a new commercial came out that gets me every time.

The guy sits on the chair with his screen and says, "I'm thinking of a number. Do you know what it is?" And this is where the punchline comes in, "It's two-million," he tells us-- completely straight faced. TWO MILLION!!! Who is supposed to guess TWO MILLION. THAT'S ABSURD. "Is it twenty-three?" Nope! TWO MILLION. The guy didn't even give us any parameters. Then he has the gall to continue, "That's the number of people who got their free online credit report last year." It's like he's never played guessing games before and is working in the reverse order. Here's how sane people talk: "Guess how many people got their free credit report online last year? (Pause) Two million!" And why do we have to guess? Just tell me. If you want me to know your product, don't involve me in a guessing game where I'm speaking to the television. You don't need to pause for my response. I probably am not going to guess above 1,000. It's like the Mitch Hedberg joke, "My lucky number is 4 billion. It doesn't help me out very much." At least both Mitch and Credit have provided us with some humor.

Witz (is borderline getting sick again!!)

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JKow said...

inadvertent hilarity in local MLB coverage: the new NESN sox game intro

Remy and Orsillo randomly pop onto the screen midway through the thing.

I laughed.