Monday, June 04, 2007

Witz Pickz: "Blood Diamond"

So much for that whole, "posting regularly while having time off" thing. Let's be honest though, no one thought that was gonna happen, right? So here's to another week (weak) of efforts.

I finally saw "Blood Diamond" and I definitely think it's worth a watch. Leonardo DiCaprio does a kickass job of speaking with a South African accent and Djimon Hounsou does some great acting. Jennifer Connelly continues to baffle me as her career advances towards its end. I guess the old adage is true-- "Once you're in a scene where you're grinding a dildo-laden ass against another chick, you're on your way down the rollercoaster ride to retirement." Just ask Tom Hanks. Ever wonder how he's had such a prolific career? No ass-dildo scenes, that's how. Now all I can do is imagine this conversation:

Tom Hanks: I'm telling you, it's not a good career move!
Colin Hanks: Dammit Dad, let me live my life!
Tom Hanks: Just look at Jennifer Connelly--
Colin Hanks: --You said the same thing about Orange County!--
Tom Hanks: --That was only because I was upset you dissed The Terminal...
Colin Hanks: 2 hours in an airport! All my friends made fun of me.
Tom Hanks: Did you do what I taught you to do?
Colin Hanks: You mean crumple up hundred dollar bills and throw them in their faces while laughing and telling them that they'll never be as rich as we are?
Tom Hanks: Yes.
Colin Hanks: Yes.
Tom Hanks: Good boy.
Colin Hanks: Thanks, Dad.
Tom Hanks: Now go return that dildo.
Colin Hanks: Alright.

Umm...what the eff was I-- Blood Diamond! Right! The movie mixed up the action with the plot with the political exposition really well and kept me interested all of the way through. Leo does an awesome job being cool and a horrible person slash likable soldier of fortune, and, to be honest, the whole thing got me really amped up to read "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah which is lying next to my bed waiting get read. I'm hoping the story isn't all made up like in that Veronica Mars (RIP) episode.

Aside from providing enjoyment and interest, "Blood Diamond" made me realize one thing: I really wanna see Leo in a war-flick. As a general rule, I'm tired of war-films, especially WWII war-films, but I just got the feeling by watching Blood Diamond that seeing Leo run around a city under siege, doing some good, looting some homes, and ultimately dying quickly and unexpectedly with the sounds of war behind him would really hit home for me and get the tear-ducts working. Leonardo DiCaprio is one poignant surprise war-death away from a career. Let's get Spielberg on it.

So yeah, go see "Blood Diamond" if you haven't already. You can find out more about where in one of my upcoming posts on those new "Red Box" DVD vending machines which may or may not actually get written for the upcoming week.

Blood Diamonds Are Forever,

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