Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Witz Pickz: Nature Enhanced Blog Diligence

This Witz Pickz is brought to you by: Massive airline delays!

So I'm sitting on the floor of the airport wondering how long it will take for my oversized heater of a laptop to set the carpet on fire and waiting for the latest update on when my stupid half hour flight to my connector flight will be actually leaving the air. Good thing I woke up this morning wondering "when will I get to post for Witz Pickz this fine Tuesday?"

So I'm going ahead and picking Nature Enhanced Blog Dilligence. Ordinarily, I would have said, "oh well" and missed a post. But thanks to events entirely out of my control, I am now entirely capable of writing this post-- thanks Nature! This should happen more often in our lives. For instance-- I wasn't able to acquire my favorite pizza while I have been on the east coast. My reaction? "Oh well." Nature should have stepped in, dropped a mini tornado into my town and whisked me away to City Pizza for me to eat. Or when I say I'm going to write a book or movie review or screenplay and don't-- Nature should make it snow or hail or sleet or WINTRY MIX (worst ever) forcing me to stay inside and write...or watch movies....

But this is silly-- here are some other pickz:

Whipped Cream -- Never a downside.

The Terminal -- Being here reminded me that I kinda liked that movie. I'm getting my gear ready for the long haul now.

Mangos -- If you don't want one, you're probably mistaking them for something gringos.

Forts -- Again, airport got to me, but I love forts, and anyone NOT at The Alamo will tell you the same.

Chicken -- THE white meat.

Polar Ice Caps -- If the ice caps melt, nobody will be able to refer to their bling'd out teeth as "ice caps." The reference will be lost.

Thunderstorms -- I AM WAY AGAINST THEM.

Possibly talk to you later.

Airborne Is No Longer Just A Medicine-- It Is My Dream,

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