Monday, June 11, 2007

Witz Pickz: Quick Pickz

My goodness-- why would they put another Monday right after Sunday?? Here are some quick picks to give you some search engine fodder for the day.

Big Papi: The Book -- If you care at all about the Red Sox and Big Papi, this book is worth reading. It's a fast read and you really understand the guy, which helps when he is in a bad stretch, you can remember that he is working hard and used to HIT BOTTLECAPS WITH BROOMSTICKS as a child!

John From Cincinnatti -- Ok, no, I don't know how to spell Cincinnati and no, I don't care to look it up. This will be the one time I have to write it. Now listen-- this show is going to be awesome. After watching the premier episode last night, I was enthralled by the dialogue and characters and would bet money that this show will happily surprise and entice many the off-beat viewer. I give it one to two seasons tops, though.

The Sopranos -- for those of you who saw it and care, the Sopranos season finale can be summed up as this. David Chase* = Worse Than Hitler.

Big Love Season Two: Starts tonight and I really don't care. That show is overhyped and I've already seen all the goods that Bill Paxton plans on showing me (aka a lotta BP's ass).

Driving Barefooted -- Illegal driving style or delightful treat? I say the latter.

Keepin' The Streak Alive,

*David Chase was originally posted as "David Kelly." David Chase should be so lucky...


Anonymous said...

David Chase, not David Kelly. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and:

I think that sums it up.